Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Greatest Love

*I wish I could read you this out loud so you could get the full effect but I don't know how to do that*

"The Greatest Love"
by CaseyMay

There are many symbols of love.

The heart,
pink or red, whole and passionate,
but made to be broken.

colorful, beautiful, fragrant,
but withers in days.

sweet, smooth and rich,
but runs out all too soon.

The ring,
A young woman's most sought after possession,
A beautiful ring that means "I'll love you forever",
expensive, beautiful, forever,
but alas,
there are trials and tribulations, the dreaded drain in the sink, and hurt feelings

So which is the greatest symbol of love?
The Cross
Rugged and bloodstained,
Where the greatest act of love was displayed for all to see,
Jesus, Son of God, blameless, Holy, Lamb of God,
broken, beaten and punished,
for your sins.
Scourged, mocked, beaten carried His own cross to His death,
Then nailed to it through His hands and His feet.
Hanging there for you,
So that you may choose life everlasting,
Yet knowing that you may never choose Him.
There He died, a slow, painful death,
the weight of your sins on His shoulders.

The Cross-
Who will take that for you?
Your best friend?
Your Family?
Or even your husband?
No-not even them.

What will you do for the One who gave it all for you?
Will you give your life to Him?
Will you serve Him and others?
Will you give up your own desires?

What wouldn't you do for the One who saved you?

He gave everything,
Isn't it only fair that you do the same?

*just one thing I leanred from my fast*

~standing on His Promise~

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Around the Mountain AGAIN

Well Friends, I am again going around the mountain. I am wrestling with God and fighting Him. I am trying to work throuh some deep issues and emotional dependence. I am forcing myself, for a week, to not talk about how I am feeling with anyone bu t God, I wish I could tell you how hard that is for me. So I will not be using this for an outlet either, please pray for me as I wrestle with God, pray that He quickly wins and that I surrender to His truth and abandon the lies I have been holding onto.

Hope everything is going well!

~standing on His Promise~