Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'M HOME!!!By the grace and mercy of God I was able to come home and surprise my family and best friend, for Thanksgiving. They were so suprised! My Daddy picked me up at the airport at 11:30am and drove me home. I went into the house behind him, and my mom looked at me for a second then went back to cleaning! My Dad said, "Honey, there's some one standing by the door." She looked again and actually saw me! She screamed and then cried as she hugged me. My sisters soon followed. After spending sometime with them, I went to SamanthaMarie's house. That was one of the best surprises ever!

I called her, and talked with her like normal, (thinking I was still in Texas). I knocked on her door. While still talking with me on the phone, she asks "who is it?". Of course, I can't answer. She slowly opens the door. And then steps back and says, "Are you really here right now?!" Looking back at her phone. It was great!

It is so surreal being back at home, it's like I never left, but at the same time, I know I'll be leaving on Sunday morning. SamanthaMarie and I have kept in touch so well, and my family as well. *sigh* God is good. I have missed home so much. Yet I miss the HA a little too. Balance. God has a plan for me, and I am so glad. This is so good for my Mom, she has missed me so much.

More than likely the next 4 days will be spent with little sleep, but lots of memories. (Did I mention I have a final when I get back?)

God is such a great Daddy-He gives great gifts. (Pictures coming soon)

~standing on His Promise~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm still here :)

Sorry that it's taken me so long to update and sadly, I don't have much time so this won't be too long.

I am working hard here at the HA, though we have been under heavy spiritual attack. I have definatley been learning the power of prayer and loving even when you do not want to. I have so much to tell you! 2 weeks ago I completed a 3 day fast and I had some revelation coming out of that. This will be the topic of my next blog. Also please feel free to add me on facebook, I have loads of pictures and updates on there. If you have trouble finging me let me know or if you follow Pamela (Pen to Paper, Spirit to Soul) then you can ask her as well.

I am praying for you all and will go check out your blogs soon!

~standing on His Promises~